Meet Her: Annabel Wambui Of Elaborate Events , A company Focusing On Promoting Intra-African Trade

I have been interacting with a lot of women recently and I don’t regret talking to this amazing lady called Annabel. Her outlook on how African Youth perceive this continent in terms of the available opportunities for doing business  is what got me intrigued to talk to her further. So, I sought to find out what kept her waking up every single day in Africa and not anywhere else.


Who is Annabel?

My name is Annabel Wambui Kamondo, The Founder and CEO of Elaborate Events.

Tell us a little about your background and how you came to start Elaborate Events

I’m a young promising leader and an entrepreneur who believes in the strengths and wherewithal of women as well as their vital contribution to spur development and bring change in our dynamic societies.

My entrepreneurship journey begun  in 2015 after I decided to quit my ICT sales job in 2014,I had worked in different ICT companies but I felt I needed to take up a more challenging role in building my own business as I had identified a niche in intra African trade. This was after realizing that most young people did not believe they could make it in Africa and we as Africans can sustain ourselves, most of them were traveling to China, Turkey and Dubai importing goods not knowing that the opportunities in Africa are untapped. One thing I say is I wish I had quit employment earlier.

What does your company  do?

Elaborate Events is an International Trade Fair and Conference Marketing company and our main focus is promoting intra-African Trade. our services include :-
– Capacity Building Programmes.
– Trade Expo Services
– Brand Activation
– Campaigns & Promotions
– Etiquette and Trade Mission Services

What would you consider as your most significant accomplishment so far.

I work with women in my community and being able to pass the knowledge I have gained, to know that I inspired young girls and women to follow their dreams no matter the circumstances  makes me feel accomplished.

I was honored to win the most innovative BCE (business creation exercise) by UNCTAD – EMPRETEC in 2017

Also being admitted as an African ChangeMaker fellow 2018 is an accomplishment to me as it builds on my leadership and entrepreneurial growth.

Have you experienced any challenges running this organization as a woman?

Yes, I have faced a lot of challenges especially the first year when I got into business without doing proper research and also choosing a partner who did not share the same vision of the company  , I lost a lot of money and time. I have come to learn that to get into partnerships you need to know your business partner well. Friends and relatives are not the best choice of partners.

Another challenge I have faced is being rejected when I go to pitch for business, reason being they say I am too  young but despite numerous challenges faced, I have learnt to be resilient and I make the best use of the opportunities available.

What’s next for Elaborate Events

The next big thing for Elaborate Events is to move to exporting our services in Africa, Discussions are underway with several African countries.

Any advice for Women who would want to pursue this kind of venture ?

My advice to women who want to venture in this business is to have a lot of patience, staying up to date with Trade news/events and also to be outgoing. Networks  work wonders, I have gotten a lot of business from recommendations  in my networks, joining networking organizations is crucial for business growth.

How can potential customers or well-wishers contact you ?

Elaborate Events

Elaborate Events
+254 721 704 516

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