#Africa4Her Event At The Royal Community Learning Center

On 17th September 2016, Shaboard held a YALI LEARNS Event at the Royal Community Learning Center in Chokaa, Nairobi Kenya under the theme “Understanding The Rights Of Women And Girls”.

The major topics for the event included:

  • Supporting A Girls’ Right To Learn
  • Paving The Way For Women Entrepreneurs
  • Ending Violence Against Women And Girls

This event was part of the #Africa4Her campaign engineered by the first lady Michelle Obama. Globally, more girls are in school and at work but they still face a lot of challenges and resistance from their colleagues. One thing about women and girls’ rights is that, it just doesn’t involve the Individual woman or girl, but it is a collective responsibility of the whole community. That’s why men were involved in the event.

Shaboard’s goal is to champion for vital women rights that ensure women’s equality in all spheres of life with a focus on education. It is more likely for girls to be out of school than boys especially at the secondary level.

One positive aspect that came out from the event was the girls’ enthusiasm to learn about leadership and how they could curve out their niche from the competitive society.


A round table discussion on understanding women rights

Shaboard’s founder, Ms Sharon Adisa has been very passionate about Girl Child Education and this forum was evident of her commitment to support the less fortunate girls in her community.

“I purposed to help champion for girls’ education in my community, and specifically to the less privileged women and girls. Through Shaboard, I held a YALI LEARNS EVENT; #Africa4Her at the Royal Community Learning Center in Nairobi where I taught high school girls on Understanding The Rights Of Women And Girls and donated ten chairs to help improve the learning conditions of their classrooms. We are definitely looking at other ways to support the girls and my dream is to see these girls take charge of their lives in future”, said Ms Sharon Adisa.

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